September is Classical Music Month. Test Your Music Knowledge with This Quiz.

Here is a good quiz on the great composers.  Pick from this list of famous musicians to answer questions 1-10:

Johannes Brahms

Claude Debussy

Johann Sebastian Bach

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Franz Liszt

Pytor Tchaikovsky

Antonio Vivaldi

Richard Wagner

Joseph Haydn

Ludwig von Beethoven

  1. This Hungarian composer was born in 1811 and is known most for his piano skills and his masterwork, “Years of Pilgrimage.”
  2. Composer of “The Flight of the Valkyries” from Bayreuth, Germany and close friend of King Ludwig of Bavaria, creator of the Neuschwanstein castle.
  3. Trained as a civil servant and later graduate of the Saint Petersburg Conservatory in Russia in 1865, this man wrote a fantastic composition about a child’s Nutcracker.
  4. Child prodigy from Salzburg, Austria who performed by the age of five for European royalty. He composed over 600 pieces of music including the sad Requiem.
  5. Classical composer who developed chamber music. He is known as the Father of the Symphony and the String Quartet.  Court musician for the Esterhazy family in Austria.  Teacher of Beethoven.
  6. Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1833, he was a perfectionist that worked on his first symphony for fifteen years from 1861 to 1876. Most known for his lullaby and waltzes.
  7. Known for his 9 symphonies. By 1800, his hearing had deteriorated and he became deaf.  His music was sent into outerspace on the two Voyager probes.  His only opera was Fidelio.
  8. Baroque composer from Germany skilled in counterpoint, writer of more than 300 cantatas. Most known for his organ music and large scale choral works called Passions.
  9. Italian composer born in 1678 and virtuoso violinist. He wrote over 40 operas and is best known for “The Four Seasons” violin concertos.
  10. French composer with Maurice Ravel. He is associated with Impressionist music and was born in 1862.  His work focused on tonality and parallel chords.  Most known for “Les Deux Arabesques” and “Clair de Lune.”  His work in piano music would later influence the jazz movement.

Answers:  1 – Franz Liszt, 2 – Richard Wagner, 3 – Pyotr Tchaikovsky, 4- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 5 – Joseph Haydn, 6 – Johannes Brahms, 7 – Ludwig von Beethoven, 8 – Johann Sebastian Bach, 9 – Antonio Vivaldi, 10- Claude Debussy


Author: J. Speer

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