Face Mask Joke

3 assembly workers are working on the line. They wear face masks and are six feet apart. The supervisor shuts the line down and says, “Take your face masks down. We gotta discuss something important.” The 3 workers dart glances at each other but don’t lower their masks. Suspicious, the supervisor goes to worker 1 and pulls down the worker’s face mask. A bunch of popcorn falls out from behind the worker’s mask. He repeats this with worker 2 and a bunch of skittles bounce out onto the workstation. With worker 3 an entire fruit by the foot rolls out from behind his mask. The supervisor barks at the guilty workers, “You’re in BIG trouble!!!” He goes into the main office and a few minutes later, he is followed by the head boss out to the line. The supervisor says to the big boss, “Would you believe these guys are snacking on the line?!!” The head boss turns and looks at them and says nothing. So the supervisor repeats himself thinking the big boss didn’t hear him behind his mask. The head boss slowly lowers his face mask. He’s chewing on a licorice stick. He says, “Yep…..yep actually I would believe that.” Then he walks back to the main office and shuts the door behind him. The workers grin a little at each other and the supervisor just starts up the line again and doesn’t say anything further the rest of the day. 😆

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