Kansas – Where There’s More Cows Than People

I had a zoom meeting tonight with family and we were laughing about how a national reporter said that Kansas is sparsely populated and we got more cows than humans. I thought, “No way, that can’t be right!” But then, low and behold, I looked it up on beef2live.com and turns out there are 9 states that have higher numbers of cows than people. Kansas ranks number 6 with 5.8 million cows and just 2.89 million folks. So, South Dakota has the highest ratio of cows to humans at 4.32%. Interestingly enough though, it is the great state of Texas though that has the largest quantity of cows overall with 10.9 million cows.

Anyways….here’s the statistics and link at the bottom in case you are interested. Oh, and we just barely missed National Cow Appreciation Day on July 14th. So go out and hug a cow near you. Apparently, you’ll find plenty in Kansas.

Nine (9) states have more cattle than people.

RankStateHumanCattle Ratio
1South Dakota844,8773,650,0004.32
4North Dakota723,3931,770,0002.45


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