Hacker Hits Kansas Businesses

Today, I learned that three large multi-million dollar companies in my hometown in southeast Kansas have been hit by ransomware attacks. Two weeks ago, a large pizza corporation in Pittsburg, Kansas also got hit by ransomware and had to file bankruptcy because they could not afford to pay the ransom. Two months ago, hackers attacked my husband’s company in Fort Scott as well asking for a ransom because they hijacked the system. Garmin in Kansas City was hit by ransomware in July. The Kansas Heart Hospital was hit too recently as well as the Kansas City Community College. Here are the links to the articles regarding those ransomware attacks.

I think this is a concerted effort perhaps by someone local or from this area that is familiar with these businesses. It seems coordinated. I wish the media would actually cover this story. These ransomware attacks right now during the time of Covid will put a real strain on the workers of these companies and their families.

Here are some more articles about Garmin, The Heart Hospital, and the Kansas City Community College.

Another School Ransomware Attack in Kansas



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