I don’t have much to post tonight. I suppose this is just a short moment when I say thanks. Thanks for reading my posts. Thanks for letting me read yours and feel a connection to things you say about your lives, poems you write, pictures you paint, or just little words of advice.

I appreciate this community of bloggers and online friends made here and there. You are a special group of creative, inspiring folks that I have come to enjoy keeping company with. I really mean that.

Thank you for the likes. Thank you for the comments. Thanks for the responses to my comments as well. I have learned quite a bit from you all and hope to continue doing so in the future.

I might not have the wittiest posts and stumble for topics to engage your attention. I might not be entertaining at times or miss the mark entirely but the blog and blogosphere is a constant in my life and my thoughts.

Starting writing and blogging has not been easy. It takes a while for creativity to start working and often I worry that things I feel and say will be misinterpreted. There is much I don’t say.

I have come to feel a better self- worth here with you. There are a few folks in my surroundings that I am certain would prefer I just hush up and not do things or say things that might embarrass them. I consider their perspectives and try my best to be inclusive and kind online.

Writing and reading your posts is what I enjoy. I like your voices and I like having a voice too no matter how small.

For much of my earlier life, others have spoken for me…sometimes in a regretful, unflattering manner that invalidated my worth as a contributor. For some of us here, I believe it takes courage to write our narrative and hit that publish button.

The blog here is just a small thing with a small handful of faithful followers but I do believe as Mother Theresa says that some of us will not be born to do big things but can do little things with great love.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, I just wish to say I am grateful for you. You make my world brighter.

I hope tomorrow will bring you happiness and laughter with loved ones and if not, you are welcome to join me here in this heartfelt place of online colleagues.

Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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