By Your Side

By J. Speer

There is a light that shines in you.

A glow more precious than gold

brighter than sunshine.

Just to be near you makes me smile

and fills my heart with comfort.

To place my hand in yours is peace.

To lay beside you is the best feeling in the world.

To be held in your arms is bliss.

When you are gone, there is an empty place on your pillow.

I wake up and turn towards your usual place only to find nothing

and the emptiness chills me inside a little.

I roll back over.

I look at the ceiling and exhale.

Turn to the other side.

Stare at the wall.

Try to fall asleep again.

I confess sometimes I sleep with the nightlight on,

because your light beside me is gone.

You’ll be back soon from your business trip.

I’ll wait for you.

Close my eyes.

Rest comes eventually.

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