Words of Wisdom, Psalms 104-106 and Proverbs 22

Today is Day 22 in reading and writing about the Psalms and Proverbs through the Billy Graham Words of Wisdom Reading Plan. Today I only need to read 3 Psalms and 1 Proverb. I listened to them on YouTube and they were full of lotsa of great insight. This post will probably talk about some controversial topics in particular, in regards to Psalm 106 which discusses the Israelites in the wilderness.

Each time I jot down the interesting bits and then I set out immediately to write on them. I don’t really give much time for reflection but use my intuition and stream of consciousness ideas. Sometimes I think intuition is better anyways. Intuition seems to come from a place in the brain like the amygdala which is primitive and has wisdom and knowledge beyond our present lives as if it is the seat of the soul from many reincarnations.

Sometimes education seems to fuddle up our intuitive mind and we literally spend decades unlearning what we had learned in our 20s.

So I write this right away after listening to the readings and I also stop to pray 2 prayers. First I pray the Our Father.

For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory.

And then I do a short personal prayer to the Holy Spirit. I just speak plainly to the Holy Spirit and invite the Holy Spirit in to write the words through me and breathe life into them, to make them interesting and entertaining and informative and bring people to a better understanding of God and of other human beings. I ask the Holy Spirit to bring stories and ideas from the Bible to my mind so I can share them to help others.

I reread some of the old posts and I think maybe this is working because some of the insights are pretty decent and helpful. So that’s good.

Psalm 104 “Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment.”

The author in Psalms is describing the appearance of God, the Father. I started reading a book recently called The Energy Codes by a woman who’s father was into healing energy work and medicine and quantum physics stuff. She carried on her father’s work and writes in the book that all beings of creation are energy. Energy is essentially light or light wavelengths and so God, the Father, the source of all creation, technically, would be this great light source of energy and so the author’s description is accurate of garments radiating light.

This is a pretty good book. I like it so far. She talks about understanding energy and how it works and she explains that the purpose of human life is to return to this energetic soul source and let go of the mindset of the protective personality or the ego. Understanding that we are operating in continuous energy is to understand that everything around you is an energy source from the computer I type at to the candle I light beside it to the dog curled up beside me napping on the floor. We are one energy and yet the ego perceives all our differences and limits the soul expression.

Christianity parallels this philosophy. From the time I was a little child as a Catholic, I understood myself as soul first and then body second.

The writer explained that when she was 6 years old, she could see energy fields around things. She was playing at a brook in the water and lifted her hands up in the sunshine with the water and saw a golden aura glowing around the hands and sparkling. She could see colors around people and this eventually went away as she realized she was different and other people didn’t have this ability and her ego attempted to squelch it.

I had experiences as a child too. When I was a little girl playing in my room with my toys, maybe around the age of 3 or so, I would sometimes hear a ringing in my right ear. I would stop playing. I listened intently to the sound, it would magnify and the ringing would increase and my body would warm up and I would feel bliss. It would usually last for 5 minutes at a time. The experience felt like a vibration or something and any time I had it, I felt like I was home. Not home in my room, but really home. I felt happy and whole.

I kept it to myself mostly. It happened quite frequently to me as a little kid and then, I don’t know, around the age of 4 or 5 it stopped. I always kinda thought maybe I had a Buddhist monk that lived nearby and was meditating and somehow it affected me. I couldn’t really figure it out. But it went away and never came back. Sometimes, as an adult, I hear the ringing faintly in my right ear again. I try to hold it but I can’t do what I did as a kid.

I wrote a short piece of fiction about it recently and called it The Golden Child. It’s a story about a dystopian future in which there are no plants or trees and the whole world is grey but a Buddhist monk discovers the ancient texts and works with kids in his neighborhood. He discovers a kid that can change the world with his aura or light and then the world becomes green again. It’s kinda a cute story.

I read online that the ringing in the right ear, some spiritual folks say that it is the sound of source energy or creation.

I feel kinda weird sharing this story like I’m freakish or something. I told a friend and she said, I might have some kinda psychic clairaudience ability just vaguely and faintly. I do have a very strong intuition and I can feel when a situation is dangerous or a vibe is off sometimes.

Psalm 104 “Who laid the foundations of the Earth that it should not be removed forever.”

Imagine the Earth in the solar system for a second. Think of all the dead planets. I mean they are there, but there is no life. Mars, the red planet, is desolate. Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, covered with uninhabitable atmospheres. Uranus, Neptune, and poor ole Pluto that got kicked out for a bit – they are so freezing that you can’t even put your hand in the atmosphere as an astronaut….it would simply freeze and break off you.

Ok, that would be a bit terrifying.

Then Mercury is just hot as hell.

But Earth..

Earth is lush and green and full of valleys and mountains and vast fields. It is teeming with life of all kinds.

That can’t be just coincidence.

That’s a miracle right there.

And how we manage to stay on this planet as it revolves around the sun, and how we avoid meteroid showers and giant astroids and vacuous black holes….that can’t be an accident either.

Psalm 104 “He sendeth the springs into the valley.”

Once, I camped on the Continental Divide north of Denver. It was a crazy experience. It took us a while to get up the mountain. There was absolutely no human around for miles and miles and miles. We pitched a tent right before dark and went to bed. That morning, I woke up to my friend standing in the tent with the window slightly pulled down observing something in the woods. I stood up quietly and peered out.

We had pitched the tent in the green grass and forest next to a little Colorado spring. There was a herd of giant elk that was surrounded the area. There must have been at least 10 there. They were silent in the woods near the stream they had come to to drink. They were big and majestic, that’s how I would describe them. We watched them silently for 10 minutes and then slowly one by one they quietly faded into the forest and were gone. Just like that.

Psalm 104 “the high hills are a refuge for the wild goats, and the rocks for the conies.”

Ok, I got no idea what a coney is? It sounds like Coney Island or there was a book once I read by a beat poet named Lawrence Ferlinghetti called A Coney Island of the Mind and that was a real good poetry book. So, what is a coney? One moment….

Ok, in Old English, a coney is a wild rabbit but in biblical times, it says it was a Syrian rock hyrax?


What the heck is that?

“The rock hyrax has a pointed head, short neck, and rounded ears. It has long, black whiskers on its muzzle.[11] The rock hyrax has a prominent pair of long, pointed tusk-like upper incisors, which are reminiscent of the elephant, to which the hyrax is distantly related. The fore feet are plantigrade, and the hind feet are semi-digitigrade. The soles of the feet have large, soft pads that are kept moist with sweat-like secretions. In males, the testes are permanently abdominal, another anatomical feature that hyraxes share with elephants and sirenians.[10]


What the heck is THAT?!

Ok, there’s a picture. It looks like a cross between a rabbit and a meerkat or a squirrel. Kinda a cute little fella. I would take one home as a pet. He looks cuddly and playful, a little head and a big rotund body. Cute. I like him.

Psalm 105 “He hath, remembered his covenant forever, the word which he commanded to a thousand generations.”

The covenants have lasted a very long time. I am a daughter of God but I am one of many, many, many daughters through the ages of time. Makes you feel small and a bit insignificant and yet, the promise endures.

Psalm 106 “the earth opened and swallowed up Dathan, and covered the company of Abiram.”

Ok, I don’t know this part of the Bible at all. I have to look this up. So I went to http://www.gotquestions.com and typed in “what is Dathan in the Bible?” This is what I got:

“Dathan was one of four ringleaders who incited a rebellion against the leadership of Moses and Aaron while the Israelites journeyed in the wilderness (Numbers 16). Dathan was the son of Eliab, from the tribe of Reuben. He, his brother Abiram, a fellow Reubenite named On, and a Levite named Korah brought 250 Israelite leaders to challenge Moses’ right to lead them. They said, “The whole community is holy, every one of them, and the Lord is with them. Why then do you set yourselves above the Lord’s assembly” (verse 3)?

Moses was distraught at this challenge and the rebelliousness behind it, and he ordered Dathan and the other men to appear before him the next morning with censers full of incense and hot coals to offer to the Lord. Offering incense was to be performed only by God’s priests, but these men claimed that they should have the same right as Moses and Aaron to be leaders. Moses’ plan would let the Lord show them the foolishness of their demand. Dathan and the other malcontents, along with the high priest, Aaron, would offer their incense, and the Lord would publicly choose His priest.

Moses tried to reason separately with Korah, reminding him that as a Levite he was already chosen by the Lord for special service (Numbers 16:8–11). But Korah would not listen. When Moses summoned Dathan and Abiram, they defied his command and issued a surly response: “We will not come! Isn’t it enough that you have brought us up out of a land flowing with milk and honey to kill us in the wilderness? And now you also want to lord it over us! Moreover, you haven’t brought us into a land flowing with milk and honey or given us an inheritance of fields and vineyards. Do you want to treat these men like slaves? No, we will not come!” (Numbers 16:12–14).

None of the rebels were willing to listen to Moses’ appeals. The next morning, Dathan and the others came to the tabernacle with censers in hand. The Lord was so angry at their insolence that He wanted to destroy all of the Israelites, and He told Moses and Aaron to step aside so He could. Moses pleaded with the Lord for mercy, so the Lord brought judgment only on the ones who had incited the rebellion. Dathan, Abiram, and Korah stood with their families and possessions at the entry to their tents, and the Lord caused the ground to open and swallow them (Numbers 16:31–33).”

A sinkhole….in the desert…..they were swallowed up by a sinkhole or maybe quicksand……..gah, that’s terrifying.

Psalm 106 “they made a calf in Horeb, and worshipped the molten image.”

Ok, so Horeb I guess is Mt. Sinai or the mountain of God. This is where Moses saw the burning bush and also received the 10 commandments and later on, the prophet Elijah hid there in a cave from Jezebel’s wraith.

In Deuteronomy 9, the Israelites made an image of a molten calf and worshipped it at the base of Mt. Horeb, invoking the wraith of God for violating the commandments.

So this molten calf…I can’t find alot about it. Some scholars think it was a deity itself. Some think it was an intermediary like Moses to God. And others, think the Golden Calf representation was like a throne that they had built for God to sit on the calf and be in camp with them.

Psalm 106 “Therefore he said he would destroy them, had not Moses his chosen stood before him in the breach.”

To stand in the breach, to act as an intercessor to protect others. I have heard this reference before. It’s a courageous thing to stand in the breach.

Where have I heard this before? One moment… Ezekiel 22:30:

The Lord said, “I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one.”

A breach in the wall. What movie had I seen that showed someone standing in the breach during a siege of a castle or a wall or something? It kinda reminds me of the movie Glory with Denzel Washington when the soldiers go off to battle know that it will be a bad battle and many will die. There’s this part, where the Denzel Washington character sees the flagbearer fall and he takes up the flag and stands in the breach and keeps them moving forward.

I guess that’s the closest I can think of someone standing in the breach. That’s a good movie, by the way.

Psalm 106 “They joined themselves also unto Baalpeor and ate the sacrifices of the dead…. yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils.”

I hate this part.

I don’t want to know what sacrifices they ate or why. Were they animals or humans? I don’t want to know.

I didn’t know what Baal Peor meant so I looked it up on http://www.gotquestions.com:

“Baal Peor, or the Baal of Peor, was a local deity worshiped by the Moabites. When the Israelites, following Moses to the Promised Land, were in the vicinity of Peor, some of them fell into idolatry and worshiped Baal Peor. As a result of their sin, the men of Israel were judged by God.

The story of Baal Peor starts when Balaak, the king of the Moabites, hired Balaam, a prophet-for-hire, to curse Israel. Balaak had seen the progress and might of Israel and was trying to do something that would stop them. Balaam took the money but was unable to curse Israel because the Lord would not allow him to do so. Balaam then met with the king of Moab and went through the motions of receiving a word from God; each time (seven times total) he ended up blessing Israel instead of cursing them (Numbers 23–24). At the time of the third oracle, Balaam and Balaak were observing the Israelite camp from a place called Peor (Numbers 23:28). By the end of the seventh try, Balaak finally got the message that Balaam would not curse Israel for him.

In Numbers 25, we find that the women of Midian began to seduce the men of Israel to sexual sin and to sacrifice to their gods. Since the gods of the pagans were often fertility gods, the “worship” often involved sexual acts. The incident is recorded in Numbers 25:1–3: “While Israel was staying in Shittim, the men began to indulge in sexual immorality with Midianite women, who invited them to the sacrifices to their gods. The people ate the sacrificial meal and bowed down before these gods. So Israel yoked themselves to the Baal of Peor. And the Lord’s anger burned against them.” As a judgment against the Israelites’ sin, God sent a plague among the people (verse 9).

According to Numbers 31:16, the women did this on the advice of Balaam. It appears that, since he could not curse Israel, he found another way to fulfill the wishes of Balaak, who was paying him. Balaam knew that, if the Israelite men could be seduced into idol worship, that God Himself would curse them.

The word peor simply means “opening” and is the name of the place (a mountain or a spot on a mountain) from which Balaak and Balaam observed the camp of Israel. The meaning of the word may or may not be significant to the naming of the place. (Perhaps there was a cave opening there or some kind of mountain pass, or perhaps the place was called Peor for some other reason.)

The word baal is simply the word for “lord,” “master,” or “ruler.” Baal became a technical or semi-technical name for the gods of the Canaanites. There was not just one god named Baal, but there were many Baals (many Canaanite “lords”). That is why Numbers 25:3 in the NIV does not use “Baal Peor” as if it were a proper name for a god but uses the term more as a description: “the Baal of Peor,” which could also be translated “the Lord of Peor” or “Lord of the Opening.” Peor might refer to the mountain top from which Balaam and Balaak observed Israel, or it could have something to do with the literal meaning of the word peor (opening), which, in the context of Canaanite worship (and the context of Numbers 25), could have a sexual or scatological connotation. Perhaps the top of the mountain was called Peor because that is where the sexual rites took place.”

So Baal, in general, signifies the large group of Canaanite deities that the Israelites encountered. The second part of this phrase…”they sacrificed their sons and daughters”….this could be the Caananite God, Molech.

He was a particularly nefarious God. In ancient times, people would sacrifice their own kid to Molech by “passing the child through fire” or burning them up. In exchange for offering the God a living sacrifice of your most priced possession, your own child, you could receive abundant wealth and prosperity in life.


Pure evil.


Psalm 106 “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel from everlasting to everlasting.”

Elijah defeated the false prophets of Baal. Jezebel was after him. The false prophets erected all sorts of altars to Baal and did sacrifices. There were many false prophets. I don’t remember the number, maybe a 100 or a 1,000. Anyway, Elijah was taunted and told the God of Israel was worthless. As God’s prophet, Elijah stood up and summoned the wraith of God upon the false prophets. He brought fire down upon the altar and the false prophets were all defeated and killed. This incurred the huge wraith of Jezebel and Elijah fled in fear.

Elijah is said to be one of the two witnesses that will return in the Book of Revelation. He will prophesy again and work again against the false prophets of Baal that still thrive in the world today. This is a contentious issue, but some believe that our modern day practice of abortion is Baal or Molech sacrifice today.

There have been 50 to 60 million abortions in America lately. That’s a lot. That’s a lot.

It’s hard to be a child these days. Most don’t even make it out of the womb.

You can be mad at me for talking about this contentious topic and for being a woman and saying that. I don’t care. You obviously don’t care about them either. Sometimes this modern day life reminds me of the two women standing before Solomon arguing about the baby.

“Cut him in half,” he orders and one woman just shrugs. The other starts to cry and begs to keep him alive. And then, King Solomon knows. You will know their hearts by their deeds.

Harsh to say that.

You may be mad at me for saying it.

But it is true that you choose to value women’s rights over the other.

I understand your reasoning. I understand you may have a past too. I understand all the complexities….I just wonder if there is more to this than semantics. It seems whenever someone wants to diminish or detach feeling from a particular thing or behavior, they call it something vague rather than what it really is.




All these vague terms. Not plain man’s speak. Just a lot of detached vocabulary to take away the violent nature of it. Modern day slavery isn’t slavery for example….its human trafficking.

Whatever. It’s slavery and you know it. Quit beatin’ around the bush. A spade is a spade.

I’ll take the plain speak of a working person over all of the hullabaloo contrived speak of an ivy-league educated person any day. I don’t want to spend time trying to decipher what is really being said behind the big words. I prefer an Honest Abe who says what he means and means what he says. Hanging out with an over-educated person is like being handed a 22 page legal document in small print that you can barely understand and fear to sign, for fear you might sign your life away unwittingly. The devil’s in the details.

Proverbs 22 “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches.”

Better to be a chosen and protected one of God than to have all the rubies and sapphires in the world. When you go to the treasure room, Aladdin, don’t touch the gold. Go for the genie’s lamp.

Proverbs 22 “A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself but the simple pass on and are punished.”

Chamberlain conceded to Hitler with diplomatic talks several times prior to the outbreak of WWII. To this end, Winston Churchill is quoted as saying vividly, “an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

Sometimes, although we are reluctant to stand up, force must be met with force as the ants stand up to the grasshoppers in A Bug’s Life. It’s not something we want to do but sometimes it’s something we have to do.

Years ago, I had to tell someone to stay off my property or I would get a restraining order. I did not want to say that but they were very aggressive. The next day, they went down to the police station and tried to say some stuff on me but I had a clean record whereas, they had spent time in jail for beating someone up. The police told them to go away, they had more important things to do.

Sometimes you gotta stand up for yourself no matter the consequences or gossip. They left me alone finally. It’s like that Amber Heard Johnny Depp trial. I don’t know who was right or wrong or who was innocent or guilty but sometimes, you gotta stand up for yourself cause the other person just ain’t gonna stop.

Proverbs 22 “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

This is true. When times get tough, when my chips are down, I always return to my faith that I learned as a child.

Samson was down and out. He was chained in the temple. This was a man blessed and chosen by God. His youth was promising and amazing. He had every blessing, every gift, every talent he could ever want.

Samson fell in love.

What Delilah did to Samson was truly awful. She lured him in, made him fall in love with her, deceived him, and then cut off his blessings. She destroyed Samson…….almost. She must have wanted him to suffer cruel brutality of public humiliation first. She truly was an evil, evil woman.

She made him a laughing stock to all the people. Everyone joked about Samson. He was in great ruin and despair. He prayed to God to no avail.

What Delilah did to him was atrocious betrayal.

At the temple, he was chained between the two pillars. They continued to laugh and mock him and drink wine and have festivities without him. They laughed. They laughed. They laughed. Oh it was great fun to laugh at poor Samson, a great mighty man brought low by love of a deceitful woman. All Samson did was love her and in return he received her treachery and manipulations and the mockery of all the community and his enemies.

They laughed and they laughed and they laughed. Oh it was great fun laughing at Samson. They laughed for a very long time. Oh what fun to treat another human being so horribly bad. What pleasure in seeing his pain! He deserves it, they probably said out of past envy. Their hearts were truly wicked.

But as they drew it out, continuing to mock and laugh and tell great jokes, Samson continued to bow his head and pray. And Samson felt then the pringley feeling of the regrowth of his hair on his scalp. They continued to laugh. Oh what fun.

And the hair slowly grew and grew ever so slightly.

And they laughed and laughed and laughed.

He was healing and growing strength and returning to his former glory, even if just for a little bit.

And Samson, with a mighty push, toppled two pillars and crushed them all to death. All the mockers, all the scorners, all the laughers……..dead.

Dead as a doornail. Their heads busted and necks broken from the weight of the temple stones falling about on them crushing them to death.

Be careful when you make a long mockery of others. Cruelty is never okay.

Samson returned to the faith of his youth and was finally redeemed.

That’s it. That’s all I got. I feel like I wrote a heckuva alot this time. Sorry about that. Good material though. Interesting topics. Thanks and have a good day.


Author: J. Speer

I like to write. I have 5 books currently on Amazon, mostly fiction. I try to write positive and uplifting children's stories, expressive poetry for women, and interesting articles about personal growth, alternative medicine, and spirituality. My stories are often about diverse people but with human connection in mind through inner perspective. I love my characters especially the ones from my first book, Searching for Fire. I moved recently to Vermont. I live in the North Country region near Lake Willoughby, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. My heart will always be with Kansas but I love travel and meeting new people with diverse perspectives on life. I have found Vermonters to have many admirable qualities like stoicism and a love and stewardship of nature. My hobbies are writing, gardening, outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing, and hiking. I am an amateur herbalist. Many years ago, an alternative medicine doctor cured me of a respiratory illness by teaching me about vitamins and for that, I owe her a debt of gratitude. I recently bought a Jeep Wrangler that fits my personality and love for adventure. Associated with the military in my younger years, I have lived in Israel, Germany, and Virginia as well - all of which I loved in different ways. I thoroughly believe in the military spouse phrase, "bloom where you are planted" and endeavor to carry a positive optimism wherever I roam. Most days are good but admittedly I get down sometimes. I am prone to sadness or severe cynicism at times, so I turn to music as my consolation and source of expression or inspiration. My favorite songs currently are "How Deep is Your Love" by the Beegees, "La Vie en Rose", "A Million Dreams" or maybe Karen Carpenter singing "Close to You" or Elton John singing "Your Song." I also like "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us" by Starship or "I'll Stand by You" by The Pretenders. "Faithfully" by Journey always reminds me of rollerskating with friends in the 1980s. My favorite quotes are from the Velveteen Rabbit, Steve Jobs, and this one..."To the caterpillar it was the end of the world, but to the butterfly it was merely a beautiful beginning." Or there is the quote from Peter Pan teaching Wendy..."What if I fall? But, oh my darling, what if you fly?" I also believe in being a pearl - graceful on the outside but full of grit and gratitude on the inside. My favorite women of the Bible are Ruth, Hannah, and Hagar. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cheers, friend.

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