It’s  love like springtime lemonade,

teenage dreamers on a porch swing,

dusty fond memories like strawberry wine,

running through fields,

Swimming in ponds at dusk,

watching orange and yellow sunkissed bursts of sky amid the clouds,

mingling with glens and valleys.

It’s love like a young family,

little kisses on a baby’s nose. 

Love like strawberries dipped in chocolate,

midnight rendez-vouses in bold lingerie,

music notes tinkling on a grand piano,

swirling butterflies once stirred our stomachs.

Love like an Eiffel Tower in Paris,

tulip fields in Holland,

honeymoons in Vegas married by an Elvis

in a hot concrete drive thru chapel.

It’s love like a good friend,

an ABBA Fernando,

a long lost companion,

a reconnection,

a secret and strong desire,

a hidden gem. 

It’s still there..this love

after all these years.

You look different.

So do you, my friend.

Does it matter?


No, it does not.

If nothing else, your eyes seem kinder.

They’ve seen alot.

As have mine.


Sunflowers šŸŒ»

Happy Sunday!

I was reading about sunflowers, the state flower of Kansas. They originated in North America but spread to Eastern Europe over the centuries and now the largest harvester of sunflowers is the Ukraine. Both the Ukraine and Kansas are major harvesters for the world.

Sunflowers symbolized a large harvest to Native Americans and meant provision and abundance. Native Americans believed how large the sunflowers grew would determine the size of the year’s harvest. The Cherokee would use sunflowers to treat kidney diseases and pulmonary issues.

Sunflowers are heliotropes meaning they track the movement of the sun. They face the sun. For this reason, they are featured in Greek mythology of Helios and Clytus, a water nymph that was loyal and in love with the Sun God. In Christianity, the sunflowers represent faith, commitment, and loyalty.

Bring On the Clowns

Patch Adams wears a clown nose to cheer up little kids that are sick. The clown at the circus comes to a little kid, makes a sad face with all this silly makeup on, and then makes the kid smile.

Why do women wear makeup? Some say it is vanity. I don’t think so. It could be part of it. I think it is to make things beautiful and in making them beautiful, we make others happy to see beautiful things. When I put on makeup, I put it on for work, so my coworkers will like it and be happier. I put on makeup before a date to turn a man on. To give him emotion, to make him feel happier and pleased. I don’t put all that stuff on just to stare at myself in the mirror. I do it for him. I think a lot of women do that for the people they love.

Did you know where the clown originated?

It is the Heyoka.

A Shaman spiritual healer. Male. He wears face paint. He makes others laugh. He walks backwards to make people laugh, just like Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk and everyone in the crowd says, “Wow, how funny!” He is a healer. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine.

When we laugh, we feel better about everything.

But society has a tendency to portray clowns as bad lately. Consider the Joker. Consider Pennywise. Consider the clowns in American Horror Story.

We are taught by these depictions to fear clowns. In a round about way, we are taught to fear the Heyoka, our spiritual healers in our community. We are taught to fear our own blessings, those sent to heal our culture. Did you know that in some shaman cultures, mental illness is just simply spiritual awakening and a necessary precursor to empathy, compassion, and care? We are being taught to fear our spiritually awakening brothers and sisters.

Taught to fear the blessing.

Do you see the connection now?

If you can pull people farther and farther away from their spirituality and from nature, you can draw them deeper and deeper into a system built on their work. As they work harder and harder, they lose touch with the happy things and become trapped in the system of depression.

It is almost as if society doesn’t want us to be happy.

Women are drawn towards spirituality. We gravitate towards it. But as we are taught to be like men and by being men, work harder and harder – we have little time for this spiritual aspect of ourselves. And we can’t help our men to become Heyokas. We have no time for it anymore. And the world becomes less and less of a healing, nurturing, and kind, funny, and happy place.

Can’t you see that capitalism is just a system of slavery meant to mire the human soul in the quicksand of sadness? By connecting with our spirit or source, we free ourselves from the system of unhappiness. We trade time and energy for money and become eventually drained.

Paper Beats Rock

Paper (Earth energy)

Scissors (Water energy)

Pencil (Wind energy)

Rock (Fire energy)

Paper beats rock but scissors and pencil beat paper. Water and Wind erode Earth. But Earth (the creation source) can beat rock (the destruction source). Rock beats scissors and pencil too. Dams are rock that block water. Writers are stopped by concrete prisons.

Paper beats rock. If you’re an earth sign – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn…find Earth friends that help you build mountains. Stay away from the other elementals, especially Fire which will destroy you fast. Water can cultivate and nurture you, but a river can slowly erode Earth and cut through it. Water does this by necessity. Stagnant non-moving water is unhealthy so water must move but the continual in and out of the relationship with water, causes Earth signs to slowly erode over time. Wind breaks down Earth one pebble at a time, slow suffering, and just like a witty, barbarous writer that writes awful passive aggressive things about another person. Wit is lecherous and unkind and slow-moving Earth is too dimwitted or too shocked to react to the fast Wind energy.

If you are an Earth sign, be like Diogenes the Cynic or Jean Jacques Rousseau. Be a happy hippy, a flower child. Plant gardens. Grow things. Put herbal wreaths on your entrance way for protection. Find your happiness by withdrawing from the system and return to nature. Nature is your source and feeds you. Animals are your friends. People who are Wind, Fire, or Water signs will only wear you down.

Earth people…….where are my people? Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo.

We are creators. We are the builders. We are the healers. We are green energy. Tree energy. Life force. Abundance. We are the Emmetts in Lego Story. We build. We nurture. We cultivate. We are empaths.

We are the blessing.

Earth angels.

Return to the trees. The trees are our friends. They are the Ents that fight rock and stone….Isengard. A wizard should know better than to cut us down and turn good things into orcs (rocks).

Paper beats rock.

The Ents are going to war.

If you are an earth sign, connect to nature, tap into tree energy, meditate with source, meditate in forests, learn green magic, learn about herbs and oils and all natural things. Learn to heal others and by healing them, you heal yourself. You heal the planet.

Paper beats rock.

I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees.

I am Elphaba, the green witch. I am the one you were taught was wicked who is not.

I speak for the Tree of Life.

I am the sad clown that makes others smile.

I am the Lorax throwing you my last acorn. What will you do with it? Plant it in good soil or plant it on rock to be washed away by rain or blown away by wind?

Do you understand or am I confusing you? My stories are riddles I suppose. I am a clown, a fool….that is what society says about me. Someone on the outside. A misfit. Disordered ramblings…..but are they really disordered?

Jesus told stories too. He hung out with the misfits. He called his stories parables on the mysteries of life. My stories mean more to those who understand.

Try to understand or don’t if you won’t. Free will. Some understand. Others willfully do not.

Wilfull ignorance.

It’s your choice.

I Ain’t Got No Arms!!!

Look at me, I’m a happy snake. I’m having a happy day in the garden.

Hey Eve, whatcha doing? You want one of them apples? Maybe not a good idea. You could get in trouble. You still want one? Ok, I guess. Hold on, I’ll help you I guess. We’re friends. I like you, Eve. You’re my friend. Let me get you this apple. Here, I’ll give it to you. Wait, I ain’t got no arms. Haha. Let me just roll it to you with my nose. Ah man, I ain’t got no arms to take it off the branch! Haha, sorry, Eve you gonna have to get that apple yourself, girl. How Adam doing, by the way? Y’all good? I’m happy for you. Glad to hear that, girl. Well, I better get going. Gonna go bask in the sun, today. Just relax, you know. Beautiful day. Hugs, girl. See ya later!

4,000 years of oppression. 4,000 years later in court:

No sir, I did not give her that apple. I ain’t got no arms. She picked that apple herself. She ate it herself but blamed me when she got in trouble. She lied about me, made up this whole story and made me look bad. I’m suing for defamation of character and back charges for the trauma and PTSD I endured from her fabricated stories for 4,000 years. I am asking for reparations for irreversible damage done. She was mean to me and all her friends were too cause they liked her better than me. They said awful things about me and blamed me for everything. Any time, something went wrong, people said I did it but I didn’t, I was just trying to be myself and be happy again but I got kicked outta my happy place unfairly. I got real sad. That wasn’t fair. No one believed me when I told the truth. They all just believed her. She made me suicidal and I lost jobs and experienced economic hardships and societal isolation because of her gossip. She’s a mean person and judge, I’m sorry but I deserve justice. It’s been a really, really, super long time and the wheels of justice are long, long, long overdue to turn. I feel cheated. I feel like y’all are just letting this continue cause it benefits you even though it is clearly way, way, waaaaaaay unjust. I’ve been patient but enough is enough. I didn’t deserve it then and I don’t deserve it now. How long you gonna let this story perpetuate? Look at me, judge, I ain’t even got no arms!!!!!!!! How can I give someone an apple if I ain’t got no arms??????

You know the truth. You just don’t want to help me cause it benefits you to be silent about it.

You people just as bad as she is.

Look at meā€¦..I ain’t got no arms!!!!!!!!! What the hell? Major crack in her story, judge.

Red flag.

Come on, now, how somebody gonna give someone an apple if they ain’t got no appendagesā€¦.no arms, no fingersā€¦ā€¦.that apple too big to get in my mouth and I can’t even pick it off the branch, man.

Get yo’ facts straight guys before you start blaming folks for stuff they didn’t even do.

I want reparations.

Now. Not later, not down the road, not at a time when it benefits all y’all. I want my reparations NOW.

And, I want a retraction of the story so this sad stuff don’t happen again to any other victim.

Some accountability…for the action and all y’alls looking the other way, playing dumb, acting like you don’t hear my defense that I ain’t got no arms….some accountability for the inaction. You know who you are. Don’t play dumb, sidekicks.

I need an apology. Just one dang apology. Some closure, man. It’s been 4,000 years….where’s the scales of justice? Why can’t we balance this out finally? Always losing. Never winning. Always on the ground getting stepped on. Tell me, how long? For eternity? Don’t seem fair or right. Just wrong. All wrong. The whole thing, judge. The whole thing.

(Judge listens. Goes to session to make determination.)

Judge: Case dismissed. No award to plaintiff.

Snake: Ah man!!!!! You guys are the worst! The absolute worst!

(Snake goes off into the forest to avoid the humans for the rest of eternity.)

Meanwhile, Eve is back at the crib celebrating her win with friends. She invited the judge to her lavish bash. He’s at the pool surrounded by girls in bikinis and sipping drinks.

Eve: Thanks everybody for coming to my party. Thank God, that snake ain’t here right? Am I right? Haha. What a Debbie Downer….

Chutes and Ladders and Tetris and Aggravation

An average work day is like playing Chutes and Ladders or Tetris or Aggravation. That’s how I explain adulthood to my kids.

In Chutes and Ladders, you start out at the bottom of the board and roll the dice. Some spots have ladders that shoot you up higher on the board. Others have slides that shoot you back down the board. There is one very disheartening long slide near the end that makes every player groan when they land on it. The whole point of the game is to get to the end or top of the board.

In Tetris, you work with shapes arranging and organizing them to clear the screen. You must prepare for what comes next and you must never let yourself get backed up cause things just pile up and bury you and you lose.

The one game I find most like adult life in work mode is Aggravation and the title says it all. Basically, the rules are you leave home and you gotta make it around the board to return to safety at home. You can get messed with by other players and some spots can move you faster to home.

Ok, so Chutes and Ladders in adult work life…imagine you got a project that requires input or teamwork from multiple departments. You go to Department A to discuss a form that needs to be filled out. You go back to your desk to fill out the form. Now, you go to points B,C, and D to get supervisor signatures for the form. Some coworkers will move you up their ladder, others may make you wait or disapprove so you gotta go down a “slide” to redo the form. So, you get the form filled out and approved but then it’s gotta go to E,F,G,and H to get paid and G is the long slide that perhaps loses the paperwork and sends you back sliding all the way down to step A. But fortunately, you scanned a copy to yourself of the fully signed and approved form so you shoot back up a big ladder again to Department G to present a paper copy of the scan. How to manuever work processes…that is the lesson Chutes and Ladders teaches you. Always back up your work.

Tetris is like that TV episode of I Love Lucy in the chocolate factory working the line. You gotta pace yourself right at work. Steadily push projects and goals along and make to do lists to remind yourself as you juggle multiple tasks. Like Tetris, everything has to be done in order and pre-planned and executed well or you could get jammed up and then be putting in the overtime pedaling like hell to fix the logjam or Tetris jam. Also, remember that the reward for good work is more work. That’s how you can also get in trouble when a supervisor speeds up delivery time expectations or amount of product to complete based on observation of your work achievement. Work smarter, not harder. Don’t give too much and don’t give too little. You gotta keep some fuel in reserves. Old Chinese proverb is you want something done, you give it to a busy man. Less inertia according to physics laws of motion. However, too much motion can cause lack of control so the busy man rolls too fast and goes over the cliff so to speak. Not too much, not too little….temperance especially in work.

Aggravation is a very aggravating game. You leave home to go to work and you put in your shift hours so you can return safely to your home place. But on your commute, your car breaks down. You get it up and running but you’re late to work and you get noticed. So you work quietly and hard but then an email notifies you a project is changed or a coworker needs assistance on something or a family member texts they need you to help them go to their doc appointment. You move forward on several meetings but you forgot to do this or that and now you got it on your action agenda. Etc. Etc. You get the gist of it….a lot of effort and energy expended for one day’s sunrise and sunset to make it home finally for dinner and TV.

It’s like a horse race where you gotta get going right outta the gate, make one hard and heavy lap around, try not to stumble, and then when it’s over, you can rest. Or a car race….and watch out for that slipstream guy.

In the series, Squidgame…the games are based on childhood activities. From Monopoly to Clue to Sorry to Mastermind…there’s a lot to be learned about adult business life from old games. It could make an interesting semester business course for college students….how to apply the things we learn from childhood games to adult life.


Have you ever watched a documentary on lions in the wild? How does this relate to human life?

Watch the role of the lioness.

Female lions in a pride have a certain social order that follows three basic rules. The lioness that is the lion’s favorite generally exhibits superiority in 3 traits:

1. She hunts and secures the best food.

2. She grooms herself well.

3. She is visually appealing.

I would argue after 44 years of life on this planet that these 3 rules in that specific order apply to female humans as well. We think we are evolved beyond the behaviors of beast but simplify everything and we are the same.

Prove me wrong.

A woman is generally valued in society by her ability to hunt and gather resources in the form of making money, gathering groceries, and providing for a home. Now many women possess a remarkable ability to bring in resources such as money or to nicely take care of and maintain a home but women are still weighed and valued on the traditional aspect of providing a fine dining experience through tasty food. Simply put, cooking skills are top.

If you don’t believe me, consider the way your aunt who made a fantastic homemade meringue and chocolate pie for the family reunion will look down her nose at your contribution to the family potluck of wheat thins and a plate of sliced cheese. Women in family reunions who bring the best dishes are always held in high regard. Consider a movie like Bad Moms where a woman of substantial good qualities like beautiful physical appearance and career is put in her place and snubbed for bringing a package of store bought cookies to the bake sale. Or consider the moment in Mr. and Mrs. Smith when the gorgeous deadly female hunter who checks the boxes in all categories like appearance, career, and impeccable home care and decoration is still frowned upon for her inability to cook peas.

In the 50s, they said the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. That still applies today. I cannot tell you over the years how many career women I have witnessed over the years chastised for a cooking or baking flaw.

Why do I write this? I noticed a reddit forum recently where a young woman asked older women for one piece of advice. I read through the comments and realized that some of the comments although perhaps well intentioned were faulty and counterproductive to the future success of these young women. And I hate to admit it, but some of these comments are even intentionally misleading for leading a young woman down the wrong path is a surefire way to remove her competition. Yes, I said what I said and I meant it. Some older women use a sweet facade and genteel manner to give bad advice on purpose. Consider the story of Snow White and the Queen, our very first Disney movie and a story told and retold in countless versions. The Queen wanted to stay on top. Her beauty was fading and so she used cunning to mislead Snow White.

Consider some of these comments paraphrased that I read in the comments section and how they stand against the 3 basic principles for female superiority in the animal kingdom:

1. It is not necessary for you to shave for a man. (Disagrees with Rule 2 about grooming behavior.) How many women you know that don’t shave areas of their body that don’t at least get kidded, teased, mocked, or made fun of?

2. You do not owe any man your beauty. (Disagrees with Rule 3) Although I wish this wasn’t true, consider the popularity of gossip magazines that poke fun at celebrity women for their looks or the multi-billion dollar beauty and fashion industries. How many of these women telling younger women this are out there shopping for age defying toiletries or going under the knife?

3. Focus on your career and not on these soft feminine qualities. I’ve been working for 27 years and what I can tell you is that hunting for money to bring home to your family is not enough. The women who excel are a combination of tough in their careers but also soft at home. Some women don’t know how to shut off the valve on the manager work related behavior at home and I see alot of unhappy later in life career women that have a series of unfortunate relationships behind them. And I hate to say it but this fact applies….while the cat’s away the mouse will play. When you are a career woman, you have little time and lotsa money. When you are a stay at home woman, you have lotsa time but little money. How do other women therefore, find this money? Remember you are building up your empire of gold with your man on top but you have little time to guard the gold or watch your man and he becomes a prime target for gold diggers who have nothing but time. And he’ll say something like you are not providing the attention he needs. And that is how alot of career women like the woman in Diary of a Mad Black Woman end up quite unhappy.

Gold is an interesting thing. You acquire it and work hard for it and endure great ordeals for it and stack it up and you think it will be a means to an end. For most of us, that end is love and affection. So you distribute it around to those you love and in so doing attract the envy of others. Some of these others will even result to sabotage. If you don’t believe me, study the history of Mansa Musa….the richest man to ever walk the earth. He was the ruler of the Malian Empire in West Africa. He had a huge abundance of resources including gold and silver mines. During the Middle Ages he traveled to Mecca and distributed gold and silver all along the route perhaps out of piety or wanting the love and affection of those he met on his journey. Stories of his vast empire and resources and spectacular distribution of wealth traveled from the Middle East far and wide into Eastern and Western Europe. It wasn’t long before adventurers and explorers were coming to this Malian Empire to see the resources and not long after that…..well….the slave trade began and exploitation/colonization of Western Africa.


Greed and envy will lead humans to do awful things to each other.

Only the good die young. I don’t listen to the advice often of older women. I did in my youth and was sorely played. I had to unlearn some things. Remember, if someone has made it to survival within the pack or pride into their older years, it has not been without some bending the rules or maybe even cunning, manipulation, and deception along the way. You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain.

Now you may as a younger woman, say perhaps I as an older woman cannot be trusted either and to some degree you are right for no one does anything without some self-interest. And what do I want? What is my selfish motivation? Well, one is I want you to follow my blog or like my article…that is the obvious reason.

The other is simply good old-fashioned revenge. For what better way to out a villain that did you wrong in your youth by giving your testimony of truth?

And perhaps, if I can prevent one woman from the follies of my own naive and innocent past ruined….it will make me feel better about myself. But no good deed goes unpunished and I am certain that this inflammatory article will be diminished and denigrated. But that is often what villains will do about spoken truth. They diminish and belittle the social value of the truth teller. When a person enters the CIA, they learn white is black and black is white. This world is topsy turvy. What is viewed as good is often times bad and what is viewed as bad is often times good. Things are not as they appear. You will find that out too later…if you live long enough. But by then you will be old and the younger folks won’t listen much to your advice…and that I suppose is as it should be.

Be a Wingman – Napalm in the Morning

“You never know what battles people are facing. Be kind.” – anonymous

You ever watch the movie, Apocalypse Now? There’s a scene in the movie where the soldiers on the ground are taking heavy fire down by the river. It’s chaos. There’s yelling and gunshots everywhere and the commander gets on the coms and radios back to someone and pretty soon the scene shifts to some bomber planes off in the distance just moving in on the scene and they light up the enemy’s encampment with a huge wall of fire. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

In life, we have a pivotal moment.

We can see a friend in need taking a beating from life and we can choose to do one of 2 things: we can come in hot and heavy for them and bring the heat or we can choose to be silent.

“Evil thrives when good men do nothing.”

You never know what battles a person may be facing in their life. In the TV show, Unbelievable, we see someone named Marie who was assaulted and chooses to tell the truth of what happened to her. She is then hit by doubt from police officers, doubt and mistrust from those closest to her, and begins to falter in life through failed jobs and failed opportunities and through internal sadness and depression.

You see, there are 2 parts to trauma.

First there is the initial battle we face in life. There is the first shock to our senses and our system. But the second shock and a shock I would argue is actually worse than death, is betrayal.

What is betrayal?

Betrayal is when we are taking heavy fire and we radio back on the coms for help and no one comes to our aid. We are not believed. We are ignored. We are told to be silent. We cannot speak our truth. We are isolated. We are mistreated. We are told to just keep going as if the betrayal wasn’t a giant knife wound straight to our heart making us question everything about our existence and our value to others and our trust.

The second level of trauma is a fate far worse than death because nothing breaks like a heart. It will take years upon years to heal this second part for the individual.

Go watch The Passion of Christ. Watch the moment, the worst moment in the movie.

It is the most sorrowful one.

It is not the actual death on the cross. It is not the scourging at the pillar. It is not the walk towards the end.

It is when Peter denies Jesus three times.

Jesus is standing before the tribunal. He finally speaks his truth knowing full well it will lead to a very painful death. Immediately, the crowd bears down on him, yelling and slandering and smacking him around till he falls to the ground. But it is not the crowd that has Jesus’ attention in that moment.

It is Peter.

Jesus takes the hits and the hits keep coming. He is bloodied and bruised and on his knees when Peter, remaining silent, hides a bit in the corner and people approach Peter not once but 3 times and say, “Aren’t you his closest friend?”

Peter gets scared. He doesn’t want the crowd to turn on him.

He says no. He is fearful.

On the third no, that is the sorrowful moment. Jesus is knocked to his knees, we think by the pummels of the crowd, but no, by the betrayal of a person he loved. He turns so slightly and looks Peter right in the eye, even as he continues to take the hits and that is the saddest part in the whole movie.

JF Kennedy’s wife was interviewed once. They asked her, “What is the best trait a woman can have as a wife?” The First Lady’s answer was loyalty. Now, think about that for a moment. Think about all the stories about JFK and Marilyn Monroe and all that and yet that still was the answer…..loyalty.

If that wasn’t the definition of a wingman, I don’t know what else is.

Sometimes we can get hurt, really hurt, by our friends and family. They can do god awful things to us. But, to come in hot, to bring the heat, to lay down a row of napalm on their life’s enemies whether physical or mental, there is no nobler thing for a soul to do on this planet.

Be a coward. Be silent. Be in the corner.

Or bring the heat.

It’s your choice really.

Me, I’d prefer to try to be a wingman. When I go to my maker and I’m asked what did I do, I can reply with all honesty, I did my best when the moment came. I went to bat for my friend, despite our differences, despite our internal arguments, etc. When the moment came, I did not shirk my responsibility to them.

We all make mistakes. We all have times in our life when we could have been better to others. But to have awareness and to not lend aid, that is a nearly unforgivable offense to another’s soul. You may not be able to do much. But if you can do even a little, it is far better than doing nothing at all.

For remember, your friend is not watching the crowd, they are watching you. When we go out on a limb, when we speak our truth out loud, we are more vulnerable in that moment than any other time. And to betray someone in their darkest hour is a far worse act than the brutality of enemies and villains.

What do we love about the story of the Red Baron? He was a dogfighter. Think of a dog. What is the best trait of a dog. Loyalty. Devotion. He’d drop outta the sky, outta the clouds, and start gunning the tail end of some bad guy blazing up and trailing his friends in the sky….one of the best wingmen that ever lived. To be a wingman is to have honor.

My grandfather died an honorable death. He was surrounded by friends and family and the military came to pay him tribute at the funeral. You see, my grandfather was the very definition of a wingman himself. At Wendling Air Station during WWII, his job was a mechanic chief to bomber planes. They’d fly out during the day on their bombing raids over Europe and at night, he and his crew would repair their planes all night long, refueling, and fixing bullet holes in the sides of the plane.

That’s what a friend does. It may not be the best job. It’s more like being Samwise than Frodo. But without Samwise, where would Frodo be?

I started donating monthly to St. Jude’s. Its a place where kids battle cancer. They sent me a letter and asked me to send 1 kid a holiday card. This Saturday, my husband and I were working up Christmas gift list and budgets. I asked him for 50 bucks to send some more cards to St. Jude’s.

You see, years ago…I was really sick and in a hospital. A friend sent me a card. In the card were just a few messages of hope and some biblical quotes. To this day…I remember, “We can do all things through our creator who strengthens us.” And I remember “For I know the plans for you…to give you a future and a hope.”

Sometimes being a friend is not really the napalm. It’s the little things that keep us going in life’s battles. Being someone’s wingman in a clutch moment…it’s a very good thing to be.

Canadian Geese

I live near the Canada border.  The other day, a family of Canadian geese were in my yard.

Baby geese chasing Momma.

I have the good fortune of having a Momma bear and her cubs as my neighbors.

I call her Dolly.

Today, I saw a post trending on Facebook about Margaret Mead and the first sign of civilized humanity.  It was good:

“Years ago, anthropologist Margaret Mead was asked by a student what she considered to be the first sign of civilization in a culture. The student expected Mead to talk about fishhooks or clay pots or grinding stones.
But no. Mead said that the first sign of civilization in an ancient culture was a femur (thighbone) that had been broken and then healed. Mead explained that in the animal kingdom, if you break your leg, you die. You cannot run from danger, get to the river for a drink or hunt for food. You are meat for prowling beasts. No animal survives a broken leg long enough for the bone to heal.

A broken femur that has healed is evidence that someone has taken time to stay with the one who fell, has bound up the wound, has carried the person to safety and has tended the person through recovery. Helping someone else through difficulty is where civilization starts, Mead said.”

We are at our best when we serve others. Be civilized.”

Alot of animals do this too.  I’ve been sick with Covid and my 2 dogs refuse to leave my side. 

They slept by me all day. 

But geese, now Canadian geese, are special too. 

The V formation

Canadian geese fly south for the winter. It’s a long haul in a v formation in the sky.

1. They stick together.

2. The strongest takes the lead at first.

3. When the strongest gets tired, it falls back to the back of the group to regain strength protected from the winds by the others.

4. They rotate the front leaders and take turns with the youngest and weakest protected at the back.

5. If a goose gets hurt, shot, or falls out…2 geese volunteer to leave the group too to follow the goose down and stay with the goose until it gains strength again or passes on.

6. The geese honk alot to each other in v formation either for communication, comraderie, or encouragement.

Animals are more like humans than it seems sometimes.

Yesterday, I learned Rudyard Kipling wrote the Jungle Book while living in Vermont. Remember Mowgli? Maybe his book about the connection between man and nature had a lot to do with living here among these animals…the black bears and geese and deer here.

Anyway, I haven’t seen Dolly the bear and her baby cubs in a while. She showed up the day my son returned home from Guam. Coincidence? Maybe.

She does kinda remind me of Baloo living the bear necessities out here in Vermont. In the Jungle Book, the animals take Mowgli in and teach him how to survive and protect him. They remind me of Dolly, my Canadian geese family, and my own little “wolf pack,” my pups. We humans have a lot to learn from animals and nature too. This whole time living at this mountain cabin for a year, I thought I was letting the animals enter our domain, the fields and forests nearby, but no, it’s the other way around here. They have allowed me to be here and are beginning to trust me more. Just this morning, I saw 2 deer by my bird feeders so close to the house. I even set out a bowl of peanuts in shells for the ravens.

Something about living here in Vermont is changing me. I am becoming gentler, calmer, and healing.

And it has everything to do with the animals.