St. Jude

Have you ever been a little down and out about something and you needed help but didn’t know who or where to turn to? Have you ever been stuck in an impossibly hard situation?

I recommend praying to St. Jude Thaddeus. He is the patron saint of impossible causes and is said to help those in need of urgent assistance.

Saint Jude is one of the twelve apostles seen at the Last Supper depiction. He is said to be the bridegroom actually of the Wedding at Canaan. He is also the patron saint of other things like the Armenian Church and after the death/resurrection of Jesus, he preached the gospel throughout many areas of the Middle East along with Simon the Zealot.

Saint Jude is also a martyr.

You may have heard of him before here in America because he is associated with the St. Jude’s Hospital that helps families with children that are very sick. The national shrine to St. Jude is located in Chicago.

Recently, my family was having some trouble and I found a little prayer to St. Jude online. I didn’t really know much about him before this. So I prayed to St. Jude for a few days for help.

A few days later, my husband received a bonus from work, enough to pay off some long standing credit card debt that we had been burdened with for three years. That is why I had started writing in the first place, to help my family out financially.

Due to this bonus, we are doing much better financially. The word Jude actually means “bringer of joy.” I believe that St. Jude has brought much joy to our family today.

So, if you are ever in trouble and need some assistance, I recommend him personally.

Here is a link to the prayer I found online to St. Jude Thaddeus. I promised through this prayer that I would spread the message about St. Jude, so here it is:

There is an interesting story associated with St. Jude. Supposedly during Jesus’ lifetime, he corresponded with a King Abgar of a nearby kingdom called Edessa. The king was personally afflicted with leprosy. The King requested that Jesus come to his Kingdom for sanctuary and the King asked Jesus to cure him of his illness. Jesus declined the offer in the letters because he said his mission on Earth was not there but in Jerusalem. But Jesus promised the King that after his death, a messenger would arrive to cure the King of his leprosy. And Jesus thanked the King for his faith.

Jesus took a cloth and imprinted an image of his face on the cloth. Much later afterwards, during St. Jude’s travels, he visited the Kingdom of Abgar and presented the cloth to the King to help him with his illness. This is called the Abgar Legend.