Harry Potter Word Scramble

Do you like Harry Potter? Here is a fun word scramble to try regarding all things Harry Potter. See how many you can answer correctly. I will post the answers in my next post. Thanks and have a great day!

 NYNIG            _______________________

 TROGWAHS   _______________________

ODRL  LEDTOOMRV   ___________________

RHAMC                       _____________________

IIQCDHDUT     _____________________

KBLIISSA         _____________________

ZAAANBK       _____________________

STYIMNIR  FO  CAMGI            ____________________________

LOW                _____________________

TANCREU        ______________________

TAADEHYL  SWALLHO   _______________________

NOR  EEASWYL     ______________________

DRIWZA   _________________________

WINLORG       __________________________

NHMIOREE   GGRRANE                      _________________________________

CRADO    FLYOAM      ___________________________

UEDDLY   SRUDYEL     ____________________________

EEOUMBDDLR            ___________________________

TUBTER  EBER             __________________________

TORDEEMN                ___________________________

Family Vacation

Due to social distancing, we had to skip our family vacation to Maine. The kids started back to school online yesterday and along with that, I found some travel videos for them to watch.

We make a game out of this.

Ella and Drew pick one travel destination in the entire world and I find the videos beforehand. Each school day, I pick 6-8 really short YouTube videos that I pre-screen for entertainment and value. I filter them to make sure they are about 4 minutes or less long. I hand the kids a list of 6-8 videos and tell them that they only need to pick 3 of their own choice. Then, Ella and Drew sit down for 10-15 minutes a day and just watch 3 of the videos together to learn about that place.

Yesterday, they had chosen Orlando, Florida. Listed below are the 6 videos I found and the kids picked three of these videos to watch. They picked the Disney and Universal Studios ride videos, of course.

I have found with teenagers that it is much better to give them choices so that’s why I pick 6 and let them choose 3 only. And I limit this whole thing to about 10-15 minutes tops. I learned from the military a long time ago the acronym “KISS.” This means keep it short and sweet or as they say in the military with PowerPoint presentations, “Keep it Short, Stupid.” No one likes to sit through more than 15-20 minutes of video.

I’ll admit, my kids grumbled quite a bit at first but seemed to actually like the videos once they saw them. This was our “family vacation” experience Monday. Drew picked the Pyramids of Egypt for Tuesday.