Book Reviews

Searching for Fire is my first book I wrote. Sometimes I feel like quite the rookie trying to navigate all the ins and outs of the publishing world. There are a few things I learned that I wished I knew before starting the process.

One thing to consider is the importance of professional reviews. You must have professional reviews to even be considered for most physical bookstores or libraries. In addition, I was not aware until this week that several professional review companies require you to submit your manuscript prior to publication for a review. Dang….missed that. The good news is that there are other professional review opportunities and I’ll list them briefly here:

Clarion and BlueInk offer a 2-for-1 review package at $695.

Kirkus offers a review as well at $425.

Midwest Book Review will set you up with a reviewer. You email Midwest Book Review and they send you the reviewer name. You send 2 copies of the book to the reviewer and the fee is about $50.

The Washington Post says that they do book reviews as well. Just mail them a copy of the book with a cover letter. also does book reviews and requires a copy of the book and a cover letter as well.

I also spoke to my sister who works at a library and she recommended The Library Journal but you must submit your manuscript for this one prior to publication unless your book falls into a short list of book types such as a graphic novel.

One other unique area to consider submitting a book for review………..this one was suggested to me again by my sister at the library………….send a letter and book copy to O magazine or even Reese Witherspoon’s new book club, Hello Sunshine. These websites are hugely successful and a good recommendation from either one would be a major boost to any author’s aspirations.