Live the Present Moment & Make it Beautiful

My best friend at work learned this weekend that she has blood cancer. She told me this in a matter-of-fact tone while we were in the parking lot outside work during lunch. She said she got the phone call this weekend from the doctor. He said the cancer may be in the bone marrow and affecting production of red blood cells. When her husband was told the news, he punched a hole in the living room wall.

She’s my age. I’m 41.

Life is strange. One moment you are going along doing your daily routine: work, caring for family, cleaning house, etc. etc. and the next moment, you discover you may only have a few more months left.

I didn’t really know what to say. We hugged. She’s my closest companion at work. She said when the chemo starts, she’ll probably need to quit. She didn’t cry and neither did I. It was just……what it was.

It reminds me of these quotes I saw recently on Facebook: