Take the Day

There’s this new band from my hometown in Pittsburg, Kansas. I went to their heavy metal concert a month ago and it was amazing and fun! I usually like country music but I was super impressed by this heavy metal concert. Truly, the band was good. They are very talented. Their latest song is featured on AllAccess.com at #4 on the charts just below Marilyn Manson.

Here is the song called Falling Apart.


They’ve written and released several new songs lately that are starting to garner attention in the 4 states area of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. They are starting to get a following in the Midwest.

This is my favorite video they released. I went to school with the guy on the left with the long hair. Glad to see they are working so hard to pursue their dreams. This song is called Save Me Now.


Here is another song they released called Take Everything. I like this one as well.


Thanks for listening and if you like their songs, just subscribe to their YouTube account!