Shovels in Persimmons

(This picture is from Google Images.)

My neighbor said he cut three persimmon seeds open and all three revealed a snow shovel meaning that this will be a cold snowy winter. Also some bow hunter friends have said the deer are well-fed this year indicating we will have much snow.

The persimmons and the size of deer are old folk beliefs in this Midwest region of the country for predicting the weather and often times, they are quite accurate.

Here are some other Midwest folklore regarding the approaching winter season:

• For every day of fog in August, expect a day of snowfall in winter.
• Lots of nuts on the ground equal a hard winter.
• If there are an unusual amount of spiders in your house, there will be a harsh winter.
• Hornets’ nests predict snow depth. They build above where the snow will be.
• Squirrels also build their nests lower to ground level in trees before a harsh winter.